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Solutions for your lab or research facility.

Automated Watering Systems – By eliminating the traditional water bottle methods formerly employed, facilities can effectively reduce labor costs, decrease the risk of ergonomic injuries and increase reliability and cleanliness.  Options include: Water Purification, Re-circulating UV Sterilization, Auto Flushing and Alarm Monitoring.

Animal Room Monitoring – Independent, Validated, Networked or Web based, Rees Scientific’s Centron EMS (Environmental Monitoring System) can offer a redundant monitoring system designed to meet your critical AAALAC and GxP regulations. The Centron offers Centralized Alarm Notification, Centralized Data Collection, Report Generation and Validation. 

Wireless Sensors Don’t be tied down by wires. Great for monitoring warehouses, lab equipment, cold rooms, temporary space, carts or standard animal rooms.

Access Controls – The Rees Scientific system enables you to control and monitor access to your entire facility from your desktop computer.

Lighting Controls – By establishing simple schedules based on time and date, Centron EMS eliminates the need for unreliable mechanical timers. 

Validation Ensure compliance with on-site hardware and software validation, including calibration, probe verification, user training, and 1000+ page validation test reports.

Click here to learn more about what our Centron Environmental Monitoring System can do for you. Click here to learn more about our High Velocity Recirculating Automated Watering systems.


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